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Supporting Skills

These are supporting skills for the projects in iPad Media Camp.
  1. Scan QR code With i-Nigma
  2. Create Web Bookmark
  3. Moving Apps
  4. Creating App Folders
  5. Taking a Screenshot
  6. Change privacy settings for Photos and Library
  7. Sharing out with the share Square
  8. Text Select- Copy - Paste
  9. Share video with SafeShare.tv
  10. AirDrop Media
Click on each badge below to view the steps for and elements of each skill:
https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-QR-Code-Scanner https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-Web-Bookmark https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-Move-Apps  https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-App-Folder  https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-Screenshot  https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-Privacy-Settings https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-Share-Square  https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-Text-Select-Copy-Paste  https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-SafeShare-Video