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Day 3: eBook Day

Welcome to eBook Day!

Getting Started

  1. Show and Share from Day 1 and 2!
  2. Debrief our Goose Hunt Media Scavenger Hunt (see submissions below)

Videos Shared on our YouTube Channel (Playlist)

Include gadget (iframe)

Goose Hunt Submissions!

iPad Media Camp Goose Chase ‎‎(June 2017)‎‎

Day 3 Projects (EBook Day)

  1. Multimedia eBook (Camera Roll + Book Creator + Seesaw)
  2. Bonus: iMovie Trailer (Camera Roll + iMovie + Seesaw or Camera app + iMovie + YouTube + Seesaw)

Project Examples

  1. Multimedia eBook
  2. iMovie Trailer (see below)

eBook Creation Workflow

For each eBook project you create today:
  1. Export as a video to your Photo Roll and share to our Seesaw class
  2. Optional:
    1. Export as an ePUB file to Google Drive
    2. Copy the public share link from Google Drive
    3. Add / share in our Seesaw class
  3. Optional: Upload your video to our iPad Media Camp YouTube channel


Students in this 4.5 minute video (also embedded above) describe the steps and workflow for creating and sharing an eBook using Book Creator.

eBook Project 1: Goose Chase Media Scavenger Hunt

  1. Include a title page with image and text
  2. Include at least 10 photos from your group's scavenger hunt submissions
  3. Record at least 5 audio clips about the scavenger hunt submissions
  4. Include a reflection page (with text and/or audio) sharing what you enjoyed most about this scavenger hunt
  5. Include a reflection page (with text and/or audio) sharing how you could use this activity with students.

eBook Project 2: iPad Media Camp Learning Journal


  1. Download this eBook Template and choose to OPEN IN BOOK CREATOR.
  2. Edit the title page, adding your name and photo / selfie
  3. Include the different projects you created (individually and with your group for the paper slide video)
Use this QR code to directly download our Learning Journal eBook Template:

Attribution for eBook icon: by Dimitry Sunseifer, RU (Noun Project)

Bonus Project: iMovie Trailer

Examples of "iMovie Trailer" Videos

  1. Blastoff: A Water Bottle Rocket Adventure (from STEM curriculum by @wfryer)
  2. Levers (iMovie for iPad trailer by elementary students of @MsLaidler)
  3. Salmonella (1:02 via @val6dan)
  4. Playing with Media Trailer
  5. The Cookie Monster: An Absence of Cookies (made during today's workshop by 9th grader, Alex Fryer
  6. Sleet Sledding (1:16)

Additional Resources

  1. Copyright Chapter from "Playing with Media"
  2. Books by Eric Jensen
  3. Skitch for Mac (annotated screenshots)
  4. Noun Project (for Creative Commons licensed icons)