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Day 2: Video Day

Welcome to Video Day!

Warm Up Activities

  1. View and comment on day 1 projects shared by others in our Seesaw class
  2. Show and Share Time


  1. Vertical Video Syndrome (edited for students)
  2. Why InfoPics? (from June 2017 - ISTE)

Day 2 Projects (Video Day)

  1. Paper Slide Video - Group Project (Camera App + YouTube + Seesaw)
    1. How to Make a Paper Slide Video (74 sec – also a good example!)
    2. Paper Slide Video Project Rubric and Planning Guide (PDF) by Phillip Ward & Wes Fryer
  2. Quick Edit Video (Camera app + Seesaw or Camera App + YouTube + Seesaw or Camera App + YouTube + Twitter )
    1. More resources on showwithmedia.com/quick-edit-video
    2. Bonus Project: Use Clips by Apple to create an auto-captioned video! Example)
  3. Green Screen Reflection Video (Camera app + Green Screen + Seesaw)
    1. Find copyright-friendly images to use as backgrounds on www.photosforclass.com
    2. More resources on showwithmedia.com/green
  4. Edited Video (Camera app + iMovie + Seesaw or Camera app + iMovie + YouTube + Seesaw)
    1. More resources on showwithmedia.com/digital-story
https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/Paper-Slide-Video   https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/Green-Screen-Video https://www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp/iPad-Edited-Video

Project Examples:

  1. Paper Slide Videos
  2. Quick Edit Videos
  3. Green Screen Videos
  4. iPad Edited Videos

Paper Slide Video Workflow

Initial Setup

  1. Obtain smartphone / tablet computer for video production
  2. Purchase, download and install video editing software
  3. Create video publication channel and website accounts for sharing
  4. Optional: Obtain external microphone(s) for video recording

Ongoing Use

  1. PLAN: Students storyboard and plan their video
  2. PRODUCE: Students shoot and record different parts of their video
  3. PRUNE: Students edit media together and create a final product
  4. PUBLISH: Students share final video file online

Other Resources