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Day 1: Narrated Images Day

Welcome to Narrated Images Day!

Intro and Welcome

Getting Started Tasks

  1. Create an iPad web bookmark for our class curriculum site / HOME BASE: wiki.ipadmediacamp.com/home/june2017-wy
  2. Join our Seesaw class using the Seesaw Class App and our Class QR Code (printed for you)
  3. Join Badgelist (create an account) and iPadMediaCamp on Badgelist

Day 1 Projects

Today you'll create 4 different media projects using the following apps:
  1. Image Collage (PicCollage)
  2. Narrated Image (Seesaw)
    1. Bonus: Narrated Image (Voice Record Pro)
  3. Narrated Slideshow (Shadow Puppet)
  4. Narrated Slideshow (Explain Everything)
Click on the badges below to view project steps and requirements:

Project Examples:

Sharing Spaces: Google Classroom & Seesaw by @sfryer & @wfryer

Project 3 Requirements:

Use Shadow Puppet EDU to create a 5 slide narrated slideshow

Topic: Our Marshmallow Challenge Activity
  1. Slide 1: Introduction
  2. Slide 2: Process / procedures
  3. Slide 3: Process / procedures
  4. Slide 4: What did your group do well?
  5. Slide 5: What would you do differently if you did this again?

Project 4: Explain Everything

Requirements: Use the 'new' Explain Everything app to create a narrated slideshow which includes:
  1. Slide 1: Introduction
  2. Slide 2: Insert 1 or more images and add audio narration
  3. Slide 3: Insert 1 or more images and add audio narration, while using the laser pointer / pointer arrow 
  4. Slide 4: Use the drawing tools while adding audio narration
  5. Slide 5: Conclusion slide with audio narration
Share to Seesaw, add to the 'narrated slideshow' folder.

View and comment on at least 2 classmates narrated slideshows

Optional Homework

  1. Comment on at least TWO (2) other participant projects in our Seesaw class.
  2. Join Badgelist and at least one of our badges in iPad Media Camp, and submit/share a link to at least one of your projects: www.badgelist.com/ipadmediacamp