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Day 1 - Screencasting & Narrated Slideshows


Learn how to create and share screencasts and narrated slideshows online using an iPad including recorded audio synchronized to selected photographs or images. We’ll view different examples of student-created narrated slideshows using the iPad and review effective processes for facilitating student narrated slideshows. The primary iPad Applications for creating narrated slideshows we will explore include ShowMe and Explain Everything, but some others may also be included like EduCreationsAsk3, and Haiku Deck.

Introductions & Welcome

  1. Welcome from Lori
  2. Schedule (on our curriculum homepage)
  3. Collaborative Grouping Activity
  4. Today's Meet Backchannel

Activity 1: What Represents You Narrated Art / Photo


  1. Find someone to be your partner who you did not know prior to iPad Media Camp. (Everyone must have 1 partner, no groups of 3!)
  2. Share with your partner an object, photo, or file on your computer/iPad you have with you that "represents you" in some way. If you can't find or don't have the object you want to describe, draw a quick picture / sketch and share it with your partner.
  3. Take a photo of your partner's object with your iPad. (Use the built-in CAMERA app.)
  4. Use the AudioBoo app on your iPad to record a short (less than 1 minute) summary of your PARTNER's object, explaining why it represents them. Use our "ipadmediacamp" AudioBoo account. (login instructions will be shared on the screen).
  5. Check out / listen to your classmates' recordings by using any of these channels:
    1. AudioBoo: audioboo.fm/ipadmediacamp
    2. Blogger: workshopmedia.blogspot.com
    3. Twitter: @ipadmediacamp
  6. Bonus: Create a new blog post on our KidBlog site for iPad Media Camp, describing this first activity / assignment AND a link to YOUR AudioBoo recording!

Framework and Examples

Importance of Student Voice & Value of Audio Recording: AudioBoo Example from Evan, Andrew and Madison (Narrated Art)


  1. Probability by Ben and Jerry on Mathtrain.tv
  2. How to Measure Liquid on Amy Loeffelholz' ShowMe Channel
  3. 3rd Grade State Projects (via @JamieiReynolds)
  4. Ejyafjallajokull: Our 6th Grace Science Volcano Project
  1. A Tour of Club Penguin (Example by 9 year old Rachel, recorded with Screenflow on a laptop)
  2. 60 Minutes Features Khan Academy (March 2012) - Least Common Multiple on KhanAcademy.org
View as a continuum: 5 photo stories - narrated slideshows / screencasts - digital storytelling

Think of the media products we'll create this week as WINDOWS into student learning.

Activity 2: Narrated Slideshow with EduCreations 

  1. Use the free app EduCreations to create a 3 slide narrated slideshow about what you discussed and learned on Monday, June 23rd.
  2. Take 3 photos, save 3 photos, or DRAW 3 pictures (in EduCreations or on paper) that you will use in this project.
  3. This sample storyboard (PDF) shows the parts to include: 1) Introductory Slide, 2) Explain what you did, 3) Explain what you learned 
  4. Sign up for our class EduCreations using this link or the following code: 15B09A0 (the QR code below takes you to the link)
  5. Be sure to choose to PUBLICLY SHARE your finished project in EduCreations.
  6. Share the link to your finished EduCreations project on our KidBlog site.
  7. Watch and leave a comment for at least 1 other classmate / workshop participant.

If you are already familiar with the EduCreations App, consider trying another "hosted" app for this assignment like:
  1. Show Me (free)
  2. Ask3 (free - compared on Narrated Art page)

TIP: Generally it is NOT recommended to share account credentials with students for a shared class account, on the showme.com website or anywhere else. As discussed in our workshop, if you are using a shared account it's best to enter the account credentials on iPads FIRST so students do not have the login userid and password. If you do share login credentials with a class, consider changing the password afterwards.

Our ShowMe channel for past workshops is www.showme.com/ipadmediacamp

Introducing Explain Everything

Activity 3: 5 Photo Story Narrated Slideshow Steps:

  1. Use Five Card Flickr to save 5 new images to your iPad photo roll.
  2. Create an original, fun, and school-appropriate story using Explain Everything using these photos.
  3. Save your finished project as a video in your iPad camera roll.
  4. View your videos on www.youtube.com/user/ipadmediacamper/videos using our iPad Media Camp gmail account. (password shared on the classroom projector screen)

Afternoon Bonus Task:

  1. Download Haiku Deck (free)
  2. Play with the app / create some presentations and report back to the class on what you learn!
  3. Example Projects
    1. Haiku Deck for iPad (free)
    2. Open Doors for Students (practice for an ISTE 2013 Ignite presentation!)

Your Day 1 Homework

  1. Brainstorm your classroom expectations.
  2. Submit a Question to Wes!
  3. OPTIONAL: Set up a YouTube account if you don't already have one.