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These are resources and links for our June, 2013 iPad Media Camp in Michigan hosted by the Jackson County ISD Ed Tech Team.

Student Media Examples! share.playingwithmedia.com

Speed of Creativity blog

iPadagogy Resources (Teaching, Learning & Assessment)

  1. Digital Portfolios
  2. iPad Lessons on Pinterest
  3. Cooperative Grouping Cards

iPad Mirroring Options

  1. Air Server Software ($15)
  2. Reflection App ($15)
  3. iPad VGA Adapter ($30)
  4. Apple TV ($100 - requires HDMI connection)
  5. Kanex ATV Pro ($60 - converts HDMI to VGA)

iPad Microphone Options

  1. iRig Microphone ($60)
  2. iRig Mic Cast ($40)
  3. TASCAM’s iXZ adapter (for professional XLR microphones)
  4. Apple's Camera Connection Kit with a USB mic like a Snowball

Audio Accessories

  1. Headphones from REMC Bids
  2. 2-Way headphone splitter
  3. Rockstar splitter

Where to Get Media for Projects

  1. Copyright Friendly Images
  2. Copyright Friendly Music & Sounds

App Resources

  1. Free App Friday updates
  2. Brad's Top App Picks

Storyboarding Resources

  1. Storyboarding Template from Bernajean Porter (PDF) - StoryBoarding Templates and Processes
  2. Vimeo Video School: Storyboarding
  3. Storyboard Generator from ACMI

YouTube for Education Resources

  1. Create Your Own Teacher YouTube Channel
  2. YouTube Comment Moderation
  3. YouTube Teacher Institute Curriculum 
  4. Tutorials for YouTube Creators
  5. Creating Educational Videos for YouTube by Marty Brandl
  6. Temporarily Copy Offline YouTube Videos to Your iPad (Jan 2012)
  7. Guide to YouTube Removals (EFF)

Watching in class:

  1. SafeShare.tv
  2. Quietube

Video Hosting Alternatives

  1. Vimeo
  2. Schooltube
  3. TeacherTube

Quick Edit How-To / Tutorials

  1. HOW-TO: Quick-edit Videography with iMovie for iPad
  2. iPad Quick Edit Videography (free video PD)

Video in the Classroom

eBook Creation Resources

  1. Workshop: Creating Multimedia eBooks (includes 1 hour video)

Resources on Blogging

  1. Configure KidBlog for Safe, Moderated, Interactive Student Blogging & Commenting (27 Jan 2012 post & screencast)
  2. Kathy Cassidy's October 2008 research results for the impact of her classroom blog on parent communication is great
  3. Georgetown Elementary's excellent wiki tutorial on blogs and blogging
  4. Ann Davis' wiki "Improving Instruction Through the Use of Weblogs"
  5. The collaborative Blog Tools Wiki includes many links to blog examples and different blog tools.
  6. The July 2006 skypecast on blogging tool options also includes many links in the shownotes.
  7. Resources and links from my MACE 2007 and MacWorld 2007 presentations on "Safe Classroom Blogging to Improve Student Writing" are available. Refer to the curriculum for Writing Across the Curriculum for more links and tips.
  8. My Classroom Blogging World Tour
  9. Ten habits of bloggers that win! by Vicki Davis
  10. Support Blogging Wiki
  11. More on "Interactive Digital Writing"

Other Links

  1. Free QR Code creator website used for our workshop: goqr.me
  2. @iPadMediaCamp on Twitter (updates and links!)
  3. Online Stopwatch website
  4. Makayama iPad Tripod Mount

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