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Day 3: Interactive Writing and eBooks


  • A moderated classroom blog is the ideal platform to use to share announcements, classroom news, and student work for a public audience. Learn how to setup, use and moderate content on a classroom blog to improve student writing skills.
  • Learn how to create enhanced/multimedia eBooks including digital text, hyperlinks, images, and embedded videos


Participants will:

  1. Be able to create and post to a blog using the iPad.
  2. Publish an eBook with various embedded media.
  3. Understand techniques for using photos and images for writing prompts.

Core Apps Used:
Book Creator for iPad

Apps We'll Play With:
Write About This Free

App Alternatives:

Quickfire 1: Quick Write

  1. Visit this website and choose a picture
  2. Open Quipio
  3. Choose photo from the camera roll
  4. Add to the storyline from the picture

eBook Examples

  1. Snowflake Gets Lost (direct ePUB link)
  2. Mr. Smith's Class eBooks
  3. The Life of an Eane's Pioneer Child

Project 1: eBook Creation

  1. Brainstorm a topic for a narrated eBook for student or personal use
  2. Use Book Creator for iPad to mash up text, images and illustrations to the book
  3. Narrate the book as needed
  4. Upload your finished eBook to DropBox
  5. Share your eBook with our class by emailing the Dropbox link to the project to: wfryer.jackson@blogger.com
  6. Download and view our eBooks on http://ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com.

Quickfire 2: Photo-Inspired Writing

  1. Take a 5 minutes walk and look for something that could inspire student writing
  2. Capture a photo for the prompt
  3. Use the Write About This app to create a custom photo prompt
  4. Switch iPads with a neighbor and respond in writing to their prompt
  5. Share the finished pieces to the blog

Blogging Tools

  1. KidBlog
  2. Blogger - (New blogger account setup instructions)
  3. Edublogs (uses Wordpress)
Kidblog Examples and Resources

Project 2:

  1. Choose the best blogging platform for your class and/or your students.
  2. Set up your blog.
  3. Customize the settings and make your first posts.

Quickfire 3: 3 Word Stories

Middle School Example
  1. Think of a word or 3 word phrase that describes your learning this week, iPads for education, or Playing With Media.
  2. Work with two other teachers to display your 3 words
  3. Record a short video clip with the words
  4. Use Instashare or Dropbox to send the video to the class editor

Goodnight iPad!

Other Resources

TEDx Talk Drawing in Class