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Day 2 - Quick Edit iPad Videography


  • Learn to shoot, edit, and publish a video on an iPad in a fraction of the time this process takes with a laptop computer and “traditional” video gear!
  • Prepare to have fun and unleash a wealth of creative ideas with your students!


Participants will:

  1. Be able to use the iPad video camera, video editing apps, and a free YouTube account to create and publish “quick edit” videos.
  2. Understand techniques for recording, editing, and publishing higher quality iPad videos.
  3. Know about strategies for successfully facilitating student-created iPad videos.

Core Apps Used:

Apps We'll Play With:
Game Your Video
Sock Puppets
On Air

App Alternatives:

Quickfire 1: Animated Avatars

  1. Think about something you introduce at the beginning of the year to your students.
  2. Using the Tellagami app, create a short video of the explanation.
  3. Save the final project to your camera roll.
  4. Email the finished Gami link to wfryer.jackson@blogger.com In the subject line of your email use your class name & a title. Example: "Welcome to 3rd Grade from Mrs. Smith"
  5. View the submissions (after they are moderated / approved) on ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com

Quick Edit Video

One Hour Per Second (YouTube visualization)

YouTube Teachers

  1. Jacob's Ladder Tutorial (>150,000 views - by Alexander Fryer)
  2. Marcus Truelove's YouTube Channel (8th grade US History, Yukon Middle School)

Project 1: Video Story Problems

Lake Effect Snow example

Student-made example

  1. Work individually or on teams to create a video hook introducing an interesting question OR a content specific topic from your class
  2. Storyboard (See Storyboarding Template) (Sometimes digital is NOT always the best tool)
  3. Record clips that can be used in your Video Story Problem
    1. See Shot Types
    2. I’m On Top of the World- Look at the variety of shots
  4. Use Loopster to edit your video
  5. Save to your Camera Roll
  6. Share your video back with our class by emailing the file or link to your project to: wfryer.jackson@blogger.com
  7. View others' projects (and yours) on http://ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com.

Edmodo reflection: How could Video Story Problems help engage YOUR students?

Quickfire 2: Video Effects

  1. Open the Game Your Video app and explore the effects
  2. Use video from your camera roll to change the look and feel
  3. Try out the LIVE! feature with an effect.

Edmodo reflection: When would video effects ENHANCE a video project with students? When would video effects GET IN THE WAY of learning?

Why Video?

PBL videos in Zeeland

45 Interesting Ways to Use Video in the Classroom

Project 2: Storychaser Interview Video

Media Camp Recommendations from Teachers

  1. Record video interviews with 3 - 5 other people who answer an open-ended interview question.
  2. Aim to create a 2-3 minute video
  3. Use iMovie to edit your video
  4. Select a different THEME in iMovie for iPad.
  5. Add in titles or call outs to parts of your video
  6. Add soundtrack to video
  7. Add title to iMovie
  8. Export to YouTube

Here are ideas for interview topics:

  • What are some of the most significant things you've learned at iPad Media Camp so far?

  • What do you think teachers are most scared about when kids get iPads?

Student interview with a historical figure

Edmodo reflection: What lesson or unit are you excited to use Storychasing/Interviews with this year?

Quickfire 3: Play with Puppets

  1. Create a 30 second video using Sock Puppets
  2. Upload to YouTube
  3. Share with the group in Edmodo using the Link or Embed Code

Quick tutorial design from students for social studies

Related Resources

See what other teachers have made on Wes' "Favorite Videos from iPad Media Camp"

CREATE. (5 min short film made by a high school student from Iowa)

Video Story Problems on the Connected Educator Series


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