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Day 1 - Screencasting & Narrated Slideshows


Learn how to create and share screencasts and narrated slideshows online using an iPad including recorded audio synchronized to selected photographs or images. We’ll view different examples of student-created narrated slideshows using the iPad and review effective processes for facilitating student narrated slideshows. iPad Applications for creating narrated slideshows we will explore include ShowMe and Explain Everything.


Framework and Examples

  1. 60 Minutes Features Khan Academy (March 2012) - Least Common Multiple on KhanAcademy.org
  2. Probability by Ben and Jerry on Mathtrain.tv
  3. How to Measure Liquid on Amy Loeffelholz' ShowMe Channel
  4. Ejyafjallajokull: Our 6th Grace Science Volcano Project
View as a continuum: 5 photo stories - narrated slideshows - digital storytelling

Think of the media products we'll create this week as WINDOWS into student learning.

Activity 1: Favorite CREATIVE Classroom Project

  1. Discuss one of your favorite CREATIVE classroom projects
  2. Draw a picture representing the project
  3. Take a photo of your hand-drawn picture
  4. Use the Show Me app to create a 60 second (or less) narrated slideshow describing why this is both a FAVORITE and a CREATIVE classroom project idea
  5. Use the following ShowMe account:
    1. email: ttuviper-ipad1@yahoo.com
    2. password: (announced in class)

TIP: Generally it is NOT recommended to share account credentials with students for a shared class account, on the showme.com website or anywhere else. As discussed in our workshop, if you are using a shared account it's best to enter the account credentials on iPads FIRST so students do not have the login userid and password. If you do share login credentials with a class, consider changing the password afterwards.

Our ShowMe channel for today's workshop is www.showme.com/ipadmediacamp1

Activity 2 Visual Charades

Part 1: Story in 5 Photos

  1. Create storyboard of fairy tale in 5 photos. (See "Story in 5 Photos" on Mapping Media to the Common Core for more information and links!)
  2. Take your 5 Photos.
  3. Email all 5 Photos to ipadmediacamp@posterous.com. In the subject line of your email use your group's name & "mystery fairy tale." Example: "Mystery Fairy Tale from The Cars"

Part 2: Narrate Your Story

  1. Narrate Your Slideshow with Explain Everything
  2. Email all 5 Photos to ipadmediacamp@posterous.com
  3. In the subject line of your email use your group's name & "mystery fairy tale." Example: "Mystery Fairy Tale from The Cars"

All our 5 Photo Stories will show up on ipadmediacamp.posterous.com!

Activity 3 Media Kit Slideshow on Classroom Expectations

Part 1: Photo Collection & Online Sharing

1- brainstorm your top 10 classroom expectations for students
2- take photos illustrating each one
3- email each photo separately to SECRET Picassa album email address (108785247351750248510.camper@picasaweb.com) using the subject line "Expectations" without quotation marks. This subject line will put your photos in the correct web album. More information about uploading photos to Picassa via email is available in this support article.

Part 2: Narrated Slideshow with Other's Photos

1- use storyboard to plan your project using 5 expectations
2- find and save to your iPad 5 related photos taken by OTHERS
3- use Explain Everything to create your narrated slideshow
4- Publish to your own DropBox account
5- email the link to your video to iexpect@posterous.com using your group name and Classroom Expectations. Example: "Classroom Expectations of AC/DC."

Your Day 1 Homework

  1. Brainstorm your classroom expectations.

Step by step how to's:
1- Use a storyboard
2- Use explain everything
3- save web photos to iPad photo roll
4- Use showme