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Overall Goals and Philosophy

Smaller Grade Level Groups Better

Since we have 40 people and 3 trainers, let’s consider breaking into smaller groups by grade level for most of the training. Proposed Groups would be:

  • PreK-2: Dawn

  • 3-5: Shelly

  • 6-8: Anne

Focus on Project Work

Rather than sit-and-get, the focus of the 3 days should be actually building and making different media projects which teachers can create with students in their classrooms. Having teachers create a series of specific, “low-bar” projects which they can then replicate with students should be the goal.

Use SeeSaw as Digital Glue

SeeSaw has potential to be the most transformative and beneficial tool teachers can use and be introduced to. At all grade levels, on all devices (iPads and laptops) SeeSaw can be used to answer the questions:

  1. How do students turn in a digital assignment?

  2. How can teachers share student digital work in a parent conference?

  3. How can parents see student digital work regularly?

SandBox Keynotes and Apps

As both educational workshop leaders and teachers, we each need opportunities to have “sandbox play” with different apps and websites. This gives us a chance to get familiar with the details of using different tools before using them with students in class. Use this media workshop as an opportunity to “sandbox” with apps and websites YOU (as a workshop leader) want to play with and learn more about this summer.

Document Shared STEM Lesson

One of the best ways to meaningfully use media to document learning is to start with an interactive, hands-on lesson. Participants can then be encouraged to document (photograph) the lesson activities and steps, and workshop facilitators can also help document the learning. Those photos then become “the digital ingredients” for media projects which participants make throughout the day.

See - Create - Share PDLesson Cycle

To help teachers gain familiarity and comfort creating different kinds of media projects, let’s aspire to follow this lesson cycle:

  1. See: Teachers view and discuss student media project examples

  2. Create: Teachers have time and support to create their own version of the media project

  3. Share: Teachers share their media product back to the group in SeeSaw, and are encouraged to elbow share with other workshop participants. Some share with the entire group.

Repeat… repeat… repeat…