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Day 3: Interactive Writing, Digital Portfolios and eBooks


Every idea can improve with feedback. Students in every classroom need virtual spaces to share their ideas and the media products they create to "show what they know and can do." A variety of different websites and apps can be used to facilitate student interactive writing, with teachers moderating both posts and comments. Whether students have individual logins or the teacher serves as the "funnel and publisher" of digital content, interactive writing platforms can become "digital portfolios" of student work and provide a mechanism to share student work with a larger audience.


  1. Introductory Fun
  2. Interactive Writing: Commenting
  3. A little on Copyright
  4. Digital Portfolios
  5. Interactive Writing: Posting
  6. Multimedia eBooks

1 - iMovie
        Quick Edit

Basic Concepts


App to use (built-in): Camera 
App to download/use: iMovie  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imovie/id377298193?mt=8

App to download/use: YouTube Capture:

iCreate: Create an Annotated Quick Edit Video

Option 1: Interview Video
  1. With your iPad, record video Interviews with 3 - 5 other people who answera question or two about what they have learned so far at iPad Media Camp and how they will use this with their students. Aim to create a 2-3 minute video
  2. Select a different THEME in iMovie for iPad.
  3. Use several different "lower third" text annotations during your video.
  4. Name and save your video.
  5. Use YouTube Capture to post your video to the iPad Media Camp channel -- ipadmediacamper@gmail.com (ask for the secret password)

  1. Here are other ideas for interview topics:
    1. Why did you become a teacher?
    2. Who was the teacher who made the greatest impact on your life?
    3. What is something you do for fun when you are not teaching or working?
    4. What is one of your most powerful memories from childhood?
    5. What were you scared of as a child?
    6. What is your favorite movie, and why do you love it? 
    7. What is your favorite book, and why do you love it? 

Option 2: iMovie Trailer

iMovie Trailer Planners (by @tonyvincent)

iMovie for iPad Movie Trailer Storyboards (PDF – by @DwyerTeacher)

Examples of "iMovie Trailer" Videos

  1. Blastoff: A Water Bottle Rocket Adventure
  2.  (from STEM curriculum by @wfryer)
  3. Levers (iMovie for iPad trailer by elementary students of @MsLaidler)
  4. Playing with Media Trailer

2 - Multimedia eBooks

http://maps.playingwithmedia.com/ebook/Additional resources are available on the "eBooks" page of Mapping Media.

eBook Examples with Book Creator

Our Favorite Books (Spring 2013 - 3rd grade, Mrs. Moore's class, Quail Creek Elementary, OKCPS)

Creating Multimedia eBooks by @wfryer

Enhanced eBook / Book Creator eBook Exploration

  1. Our Batak House by Yogi Nainggolan (by @janeinjava - backstory: The Backpack Classroom Part 1)
  2. Faraway Friends (backstory - inspired by @janeinjava)
  3. Riding a Buffalo by @janeinjava
  4. Little Fish by @janeinjava
  5. Creating Authentic Stories for iPad: Publishing Student Authors on the iBooks Store by @janeinjava
  6. 30+ eBooks created by educator Jane Ross (@janeinjava)
  7. 5th Graders Create eBooks on Idioms (Sue Hooge, Yukon Public Schools, Oklahoma)
  8. Book Creator Poetry Books (via @dreamambition)
  9. http://www.pinterest.com/bookcreator/made-in-book-creator/ (a large collection of Book Creator-created books - not selected by us...)
  10. The Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child  (iBooks Author)
  11. Math Our Way (6th grade math curriculum by students)
  12. Peter and Amy Go on a Picnic 
  13. One Best Thing (collection of eBooks in iBooks Store)
  14. Our Choice ($5), Lauren, The Tickle-saurus Rex ($1)
  15. Snowflake Gets Lost (direct ePUB link)


Create an enhanced eBook with Book Creator for iPad which either:
  1. Includes some of the media files you created this week in iPad Media Camp
  2. Includes other media files you have on your iPad
  3. include media, reflection, links, and more!

eBook Creation Resources

  1. Workshop: Creating Multimedia eBooks (includes 1 hour video)

3- Blogs, What and Why?

Student Blog Post Examples

  1. The Fire (poem by 8th grader Alexander)
  2. Cooper's Poem (6th grader)
  3. Jarrod and The Power of Twitter (@kathleen_morris)
  4. Wes' Student STEM KidBlogs 2014-2015
  5. Shelly's Class KidBlog 2014-2015
  6. Wes' 2011 UCO Student EduBlogs
Some Blogging Options:
  1. Class Blogmeister (Request from david.warlick at gmail dot com)
  2. Edublogs (uses Wordpress
  3. Easy Blog - Easy Blog Jr (for WordPress sites like EduBlogs)

4 - YouTube channel, Why you might need one

5 - A Little on Copyright

More on Copyright:

6 - Digital Portfolios


Why EduBlogs? - EduBlogs.org


VoiceThreadLetters from the Interment Camps


VideoStar app & Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3 (15 min)


Interactive Writing: Commenting

The Big WHY for Interactive Digital Writing & Connected Classrooms (45 min)

Oklahoma Educator Blogs to Comment On:

Activity: Comment on 1 or both of the above educator blogs!

Activity: Comment on at least TWO student blog posts you find via the #Comments4Kids hashtag on Twitter.

Digital Assignment Turn-In

If you opt to use Blogger.com:
  1. Post TEXT, IMAGES and LINKS by email (our Blogger site: ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com)
  2. Use Easy Blogger - Easy Blogger Jr (for Blogger.com sites)
  3. PreK Blogs by Maryetta School teachers (Stilwell, OK)
  • use the access code: 55zcc6d


Activity: Post a short reflection (to our KidBlog site) about your experiences commenting on teacher and student blogs