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Day 1 - Screencasting & Narrated Slideshows


Learn how to create and share screencasts and narrated slideshows online using an iPad including recorded audio synchronized to selected photographs or images. We’ll view different examples of student-created narrated slideshows using the iPad and review effective processes for facilitating student narrated slideshows.

Welcome, Introductions & Overview

  1. Welcome!
  2. Take our Introductory Survey (view submitted results on a Google Map)
  3. 2 websites: iPadMediaCamp.com (agenda & app list) & THIS Google Site: wiki.ipadmediacamp.com (our curriculum)
  4. Agenda / Schedule
  5. Sharing our work:
    1. Photos, text and links to our iPad Media Camp blog (ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com) by email: wfryer.ipadcamp@blogger.com QR CODE AVAILABLE
    2. Videos to our iPad Media Camp YouTube channel (youtube.com/iPadMediaCamp) by email: dxft649657ij@m.youtube.com QR CODE AVAILABLE (short videos) & via YouTube Capture

Activity 1: Document an Activity with Images & Make a Photo Collage

Basic Concepts

Photos are the basic building blogs / basic ingredients of digital media projects.

Every teacher needs a website (Flickr & Google Photos are free) to upload and share photos of student work in class.
Vertical Video Syndrome PSA (Edited for Kids)


App to use (built-in): Camera 
App to download/use: Pic Collage for Kids https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pic-collage-for-kids-best/id977081997?mt=8

Challenge (ODD tables)- Tennis Ball Lego Tower

Summary: With your team in 20 minutes, build the tallest tower you can with Legos that will support a tennis ball above a table. Measure the height in centimeters from the tabletop to the top of the tennis ball. Take photos of your tower and tower building process with your iPad! Take at least 3 different measurements of your tower during your build!

  1. Tub of assorted Lego bricks
  2. 1 tennis ball
  3. Ruler
  4. iPads
Inspirational / Related Sites:

Challenge (EVEN tables)- Cantilever Spans Build

Summary: With your team in 20 minutes, build the longest cantilever span using wooden paint sticks and metal washers. Measure the length in 
centimeters from the edge of the table to the end of the paintstick at the end. Take photos of your cantilever span and building process with your iPad! Take at least 3 different measurements of your span during your build!

  1. 30 half inch washers
  2. Approximately 100 wooden paint sticks
  3. Ruler
  4. iPads

iCreate: A Photo Collage of Images

  1. Use Pic Collage for Kids to create a photo collage of Lego tower images
  2. Email your photo to our Blogger site (find email address at the top of this page by SHARING OUR WORK). For the subject of your email (which will become the title of your post) use your FIRST NAME and "Lego Tower Photo Collage." Example: Wes' Lego Tower Photo Collage

Activity 2: Narrated Art / Photo


Basic Concepts & Examples

Simple project for any grade level / any content area: Narrated Art or Photo

  1. Evan, Madison & Andrew on the String Phone (Yukon, Oklahoma)
  2. Horses Boo (5th grade – AudioBoo – integrated into a Radio Show also)
  3. Name Art by Rachel (3rd grade – AudioBoo – YouTube screencast version)
  4. Hyperbola Equation and Graph (9th grade – Narrable – YouTube screencast version
  5. Flamingos at the Zoo (2nd grade – AudioBoo) 
  6. US Arizona Impressions (Kindergarten – AudioBoo)
  7. Student-Created Sequoyah Book Reports, AudioBoo, iPads and QR Codes (4th / 5th grade - AudioBoo)


App to use (built-in): Camera 

App to use (built-in): Safari 

App to download/use: Voice Record Pro https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/voice-record-pro/id546983235?mt=8

iCreate: A Narrated Photo

  1. Take a photo, save a photo, or create a photo collage you want to narrate
  2. Open Voice Record Pro.
  3. Press the RED RECORD button.
  4. When ready, press START to begin recording. ONLY record 30-60 seconds!
  5. Press STOP when finished.
  6. Tap the CAMERA icon to add a photo. Pinch to zoom / crop as desired.
  7. Tap SAVE IN PHOTO ALBUM, then tap SAVE.
  8. Tap CHANGE TITLE. Enter the desired title.
  9. Flick to select the desired TEMPLATE. Tap CONTINUE.
  10. Open PHOTOS, find your video and play/listen to it.
  11. Use YouTube Capture (with the Gmail account userID and password shared in the workshop) to upload your video to our iPad Media Camp YouTube channel! Be sure to set visibility to PUBLIC.

Activity 3: Narrated Slideshow #1 


Basic Concepts

Think of the media products we'll create this week as WINDOWS into student learning.




App to download/use: Adobe Voicehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adobe-voice-show-your-story/id852555131?mt=8

Adobe Voice is a free iPad app for creating narrated slideshows. It includes a variety of free icons and images to use, or you can use your own. These introductory videos highlight the basics of using Adobe Voice.

Example Project: What Made #mobile2015 Great

iCreate: A Narrated Slideshow with Adobe Voice

  1. Use the free app Adobe Voice to create a narrated slideshow about a topic of your choice. If you are not sure about a topic, discuss the "Lego Tower Building Challenge" project.
  2. This sample storyboard (PDF) shows possible parts to include: 1) Introductory Slide, 2) Explain what you did, 3) Explain what you learned 
  3. Email the link to your finished video on ADOBE VOICE to our CLASS BLOG EMAIL ADDRESS. (Scan the QR code and choose SAVE TO CONTACTS at the top of this page under SHARING OUR WORK)
  4. Visit our class blog (ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com.) Watch and leave a comment for at least 1 other classmate / workshop participant.

Activity 4: Narrated Slideshow #2


Basic Concepts

True "flipping the classroom" should not just mean the TEACHER creating videos for students to use, but STUDENTS creating videos to explain / teach / demonstrate!

iCreate: A "5 Photo Story" Narrated Slideshow with Explain Everything

  1. Use Five Card Flickr to save 5 new images to your iPad photo roll.
  2. Create an original, fun, and school-appropriate story using Explain Everything using these photos.
  3. Save your finished project as a video in your iPad camera roll.
  4. Upload your video to our iPad Media Camp YouTube account (youtube.com/iPadMediaCampusing our iPad Media Camp gmail account. (password shared on the classroom projector screen)
  5. View your videos on www.youtube.com/user/ipadmediacamp/videos

Afternoon Bonus Tasks:

  1. Download Haiku Deck (free)
  2. Play with the app / create some presentations and report back to the class on what you learn!
  3. Example Projects
    1. Haiku Deck for iPad (free)
    2. Open Doors for Students (practice for an ISTE 2013 Ignite presentation!)

Your Day 1 Homework

  1. Brainstorm your classroom expectations.
  2. Submit a Question to Wes!
  3. OPTIONAL: Set up a YouTube account if you don't already have one.