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Day 3: Interactive Writing and eBooks


Learn how to setup, use and moderate content on a classroom blog to improve student writing skills. A moderated classroom blog is the ideal platform to use to share announcements, classroom news, and student work for a public audience. In this workshop we’ll use KidBlog as an interactive writing platform to share our work, read & comment on each others work, and create "digital portfolios" of our work. we’ll learn how to create enhanced/multimedia eBooks including digital text, hyperlinks, images, and embedded videos using the iPad app Book Creator for iPad.

Answers to Day One Questions are available on the FAQs page!

Check out this playlist of our Day 2 iMovies!

Ignite Presentation using Haiku Deck: Ignite Innovation!

Ignite Innovation - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
http://maps.playingwithmedia.com/ebook/Additional resources are available on the "eBooks" page of Mapping Media.

VideoStar app & Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3 (15 min)

Is this legal? Let's discuss copyright! (briefly!)
  1. Alpine Elementary "Happy" Video: Version 1 and Version 2 (both unlisted)
  2. Copyright chapter of "Playing with Media" (2011) is available online free

Digital Show and Tell from Day 2 (30 min)

  1. We will share & discuss several of the videos we created in the afternoon of day 2

The Big WHY for Interactive Digital Writing & Connected Classrooms (45 min)

Interactive Writing

http://maps.playingwithmedia.com/interactive-writing/Resources are available on the "Interactive Writing" page of Mapping Media!

KidBlog Tutorials

  1. 5 Screencast Tutorials about KidBlog app basics (YouTube playlist)
  2. PDF with QR Codes for these 5 videos (use this PDF / these videos with your students!)

Activity #1

Write and publish a post on our KidBlog site responding to Kathy Cassidy's K12Online Video.

Read Linda Yollis' (@lindayollis) post from 2010, "How to Compose a Quality Comment!"

With those ideas in mind, read and comment on at least 3 of your classmates' posts.

Student Blog Post Examples

  1. The Fire (poem by 8th grader Alexander)
  2. Cooper's Poem (6th grader)
  3. Jarrod and The Power of Twitter (@kathleen_morris)
  4. #comments4kids project
  5. More on Yukon PS Interactive Teacher Websites

Blogging Platforms

  1. KidBlog
  2. Blogger - (New blogger account setup instructions)
  3. Class Blogmeister (Request from david.warlick at gmail dot com)
  4. Edublogs (uses Wordpress)

iPad Blogging Apps

  1. KidBlog (free)
  2. Easy Blogger - Easy Blogger Jr (for Blogger.com sites)
  3. Easy Blog - Easy Blog Jr (for WordPress sites like EduBlogs)


eBook Examples with Book Creator

Our Favorite Books (Spring 2013 - 3rd grade, Mrs. Moore's class, Quail Creek Elementary, OKCPS)

Activity #2: Enhanced eBook / Book Creator eBook Exploration

Activity #3

Create an enhanced eBook with Book Creator for iPad which addresses 1 or more of the following prompts:
  1. What are the ways you will use narrated slideshows (including apps like EduCreations and Explain Everything) with your students this fall?
  2. What are the ways you will use quick edit videos, paper slide videos, and YouTube (including apps like YouTube Capture and iMovie) with your students this fall?
  3. Respond to hypothetical parent email: Why are you publishing student work online? We didn't do that when I was in school.

Other eBook Examples

  1. The Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child  (iBooks Author)
  2. Math Our Way (6th grade math curriculum by students)
  3. Peter and Amy Go on a Picnic 
  4. One Best Thing (collection of eBooks in iBooks Store)
  5. Our Choice ($5), Lauren, The Tickle-saurus Rex ($1)
  6. Snowflake Gets Lost (direct ePUB link)

eBook Creation Resources

  1. Workshop: Creating Multimedia eBooks (includes 1 hour video)


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