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These are resources and links for our July 11, 12 & 13 iPad Media Camp in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

iPad Mirroring Options

  1. Air Server Software ($15)
  2. Reflection App ($15)
  3. iPad VGA Adapter ($30)
  4. Apple TV ($100 - requires HDMI connection)
  5. Kanex ATV Pro ($60 - converts HDMI to VGA)

iPad Microphone Options

  1. iRig Microphone ($60)
  2. TASCAM’s iXZ adapter (for professional XLR microphones)
  3. Apple's Camera Connection Kit with a USB mic like a Snowball

Storyboarding Resources

Other Links

  1. Free QR Code creator website used for our workshop: createqrcode.appspot.com
  2. @iPadMediaCamp on Twitter (updates and links!)
  3. Online Stopwatch website
  4. Makayama iPad Tripod Mount
  5. Web-based animation options: GoAnimate and Xtranormal (more on "Categories of Digital Storytelling" from the TalkWithMedia wiki)
  6. Mac image editing software (free): Seashore & Skitch
  7. Music & Audio Resources from Storychasers

Other Apps Shown / Used (in addition to our official list)

  1. Songify
  2. Timer+

Posterous Blog Configuration Help

Student Media Examples! share.playingwithmedia.com

The Daily Create!