These are answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) submitted by teachers during iPad Media Camp workshops. Video-based answers were created using the iPad app "Explain Everything," in some cases using the iPad app "Haiku Deck" for images. Starting with the June2014-IL workshop, answers are hyperlinked to their questions using YouTube Time, so you can click a question and play the respective video starting at the exact time the answer is provided. If you visit a video's YouTube page, you can alternatively click the time following each video in the description area below it. Additional FAQs are added here after each iPad Media Camp, so check back for updates during each summer! Learn more about iPad Media Camp by visiting iPadMediaCamp.com! Contact information for Wesley Fryer is also available. Follow @ipadmediacamp and @wfryer on Twitter for updates.

July 2014 - Manhattan, Kansas

  1. As a person who is just beginning using an iPad, I would love to know all the educational apps you think are useful and how you have them grouped on your desktop.
  2. You mentioned your belief that not every assignment has to have a grade assigned to it, but I'm curious how you keep kids incentivized to do big projects like these if they're not getting a grade for them.
  3. I do not understand how to make a Kidblog of my own. I am struggling with getting into the page and creating my own class group.

June 2014 Illinois Part 1 (slides via Haiku Deck)

  1. How do I face the challenge of only having one iPad in a class of 31 Juniors? (0:23)
  2. Please explain how to get out of private YouTube (1:24)
  3. How could I make math vocabulary more interesting? (2:39)
  4. What are some other ways elementary teachers could use QR codes in our classrooms? (3:17)
  5. Do you have any particular apps you recommend for P.E.? Also, what do you recommend I use to show the break down of a skill? (5:43)
  6. How do we make sure projects using technology don't become just another way of separating our "haves" from our "have nots"? (8:02)
  7. Can you please go into further detail on why public share is a beneficial method? I hesitate publishing on blogs among my coworkers, so I'm really on the cautious side and see public as risky. (10:48)
  8. Can you only use QR Codes with a Website or app with a link? What if you wanted to have a code for center directions....does it gave to be connected to a web page or site? (13:01)
  9. How do you create a digital based project in a time and content constrained classroom when all the students do not have the same access to technology and the teacher's iPad is the only guaranteed one in the room? (13:42)
  10. What would be the easiest app for making recordings with pics/stories for primary kids? (15:00)
  11. How often do you have your students use audioboo, kidblog, or educreations? When you are first introducing the new apps to your students how much time do you typically spend doing a walkthrough of the app? (15:46)
  12. Can two teachers be using air display on the same network at the same time? (16:53)
  13. If you are just starting to use IPADS  in the 'whole class' 1:1 setting, what would be the first 3 APPS you would propose for use in the elementary classroom, middle school classroom and high school classroom? (17:36)

June 2014 Illinois Part 2 (slides via Haiku Deck)

(apologies for the background noise...)

  1. When searching for apps for my students, it is important that the speech/audio is in the standard American dialect.  Is there a way to specify within a search the country of origin? (0:47)
  2. Is it possible to change or edit one of the photo slides but not have to re-record our story segment in Explain Everything once the story has already been created? (2:15)
  3. My iPad was plugged in all day and still went from 68% battery to 52% battery life. Is this normal? (3:41)
  4. Can you scan a QR code that is on your device with that same device or does it have to be a different device? (5:40)
  5. What does the mute button do? It doesn't seem to mute my sound on videos? Does it simply mute alerts? (6:12)
  6. Can you stop push notifications if you accidentally accepted them? (7:17)
  7. How do you freeze your apps so students can't delete them? (7:59)
  8. Do you have any suggestions for managing space on an iPad that is only 16GB? (10:53)
  9. Could you possibly review how to make QR codes? I know th QR Beemer was missed what u said to do! Also if you have info or the website to do the" bit" url's when it's a long address. (14:05)
  10. It could just be my age but every time we choose to or are asked in our daily lives, personal, professional or recreational to upload something to the internet I cringe. I worry so much about all of the endless information that is ""in the air"". My question is; 'do you think there will ever come a time when there is a little more monitoring of the web information? ...you know deleting the information after so many days of inactivity/views, etc? I am concerned that we will never find the 'good' stuff' through all of the junk and it will take us longer than ever to find it as well. (16:14)
  11. We are experimenting with so any cool apps that I start to lose track of how I will use them with my students/curriculum/strategies...is there a way to create a flow chart starting with what a teacher is having trouble with in their teaching and then flow it to the possible apps that might assist in those areas? Kind of like those medical symptoms flow chart where each symptom connects you with a possible diagnosis and remedy. (20:36)
  12. Sounds crazy I know but as a music teacher, my presence in front of the students is crucial 80% of the time since I am their director and I join them in their performances (display of work). I feel that I would just be creating more fun work for me instead of finding some perfect iPad features/apps that truly make my students more skillful, knowledgeable and performing musicians. (23:41)
  13. Is Kidblog better than Edmodo? I have been using Edmodo for 2 years now, and am pretty comfortable with it. It seems that Kidblog is very similar. (26:13)
  14. With all the different apps and websites, is there a "best" way to keep things organized so students and parents don't have to remember a ton of usernames and logins and so they can go to a single location to find all the resources and content that has been created? (31:06)

July 2012 (Edmond, Oklahoma)

(A new FAQ answer video was not created)